How to Get the Most Money When You Sell 

Professional Marketing 

Excellent marketing is a huge key to selling a home successfully.  Some agents will show up at your home after you list with them, whip out their iPhone, and start snapping the listing photos.  YIKES!  We hire a professional photography company to shoot the photos of our listings.  Their photos come out beautifully.  Once your home is picture-ready, I will schedule a time for the photographer to come out and take photos.  We also have a large social media presence and tremendous reach within San Diego and beyond to get as many eyes as possible on your home. 

Smartly Priced 

The price is a huge part of the home's marketing strategy.  We love to price homes just…

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Swimming Pools

Pools do not add much, if any, value to a home in San Diego.  Pools require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and it can be a burden to keep them safe for kids and dogs.  Many buyers do not want a pool, and will not even come look at your home if you have one.  That being said, if a pool is something that you or your family will love and enjoy, then you can certainly consider adding one for your own use.


Expensive Landscaping 

Great curb appeal is a huge plus when it comes time to sell a home.  Landscaping should look pretty and clean.  However, expensive landscaping that was custom designed for your home with high end plants and flowers will not yield a good return on the investment.


Custom Upgrades 

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