In California, the commission of the buyer's agent is usually paid by the seller.  The listing agent charges a certain percentage of commission to split between herself and the buyer's agent.  This is one of the main costs of selling a home.  Since the services of a Realtor come at no cost to you, the buyer, I highly recommend reaching out to a Realtor when you are getting ready to purchase a home.  in California, more than 9 out of 10 homebuyers use a Realtor, so you are in good company! 



 Realtors have a Fiduciary Duty to their clients.  This means that Realtors must always protect the best interests of the client.  More specifically, it means the Realtor must provide full disclosure, proper accounting, confidentiality, obedience,…

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Deep Clean 

Your home should absolutely sparkle when it is on the market!  If you are a great cleaner or enjoy doing it, go ahead and deep clean your home yourself.  If not, consider hiring a cleaning service to do the job.  Your house should look and smell lovely to make a great impression on potential home buyers.  If you are going to be living in your home while selling, remember to KEEP it clean throughout the process.


We know you love your family photos!  However, potential buyers want to envision themselves living in their future home, not your current home.  It is extremely helpful to remove personal decorations and photos, and leave only neutral ones that everyone would appreciate.  

Remove Evidence of…

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Make sure your pet's microchip and/or collar tag are up to date.  With so many moving pieces, you do not want your pet to escape out of the house when someone is coming in or out and run off!  You'll have more peace of mind knowing that if Fido does make a break for it, your contact number is on him.  You can get new pet tags made at most pet stores for under $10.  



If you are moving out of the neighborhood/city, go to your Vet's office and request your pet's paperwork and medical history so that you can transfer it to his new Vet.  You can find a fantastic new vet through Yelp or by a word of mouth referral.  Your current vet may even know of a great vet's office in the area you are looking to move into! 



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