I KNOW your grandma had or has wallpaper in her house, right!?  I bet you didn't think it would ever come back into style, did you?  Well, surprise!  We are seeing wallpaper all over Pinterest, in home design magazines, and in pretty houses that I tour around San Diego!  We think there's definitely a "right way" to use wallpaper. Here are a few of the best tips we've found for how to use wallpaper to spruce up your space: 

Choose the Right Color:  

Color sets the mood of a room!  To make your space feel bigger, choose cool colors, like blue, green, and violet.  If the room has a ton of sunlight already, a bold, warm color such as yellow, red, or orange can look great.  The more intense the color, the more vibrant and exciting the room will feel;…

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We all know San Diego is a craft beer mecca.  The city has over 100 craft breweries, with new ones opening all the time.  What does it take to stand out amongst the crowd?  First, the beer must be stellar.  San Diego beer lovers aren't receptive to non flavorful, run-of-the-mill (see what I did there?) beer.  The tasting room should be imaginative, inspiring and welcoming.  Finally, the overall experience should leave fans wanting more so guests will come back again and again.  Here are 3 brewery standouts that I love.  


Alesmith is one of the oldest breweries in San Diego.  It was started in 1995, so has had many years to gain momentum and followers.  Last year was a huge year for Alesmith, as it opened its brand new monstrous…

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