I want to write a post about home fixes that add value to your home.  I was hosting an open house recently and a potential home seller came in and asked a bunch of questions about selling, and was very curious to know about what he can do to add value.  The truth of the matter is.... it's not an exact science.  That being said, here are some ideas of fixes that CAN bump up your home's value, whether you are looking to stay there or sell. 

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades 

Bathroom and kitchen renovation is a rather costly job, but these areas of the home do add value to the home when they are nicely upgraded.  These are the go-to rooms of the house that people think of when they think about adding value.


Front Door 

A new front door (I adore colorful doors, personally) with new fixtures creates a great first impression and can add value.  Your door is the gateway to your home, so make it stand out.  




If your flooring is old or is in less than stellar condition, adding new flooring is a great upgrade.  In San Diego, many buyers are moving away from wanting carpet. They are preferring hard floors that match the style of the home.  There are a variety of options to fit different budgets.  



If your front yard has seen better days, hiring a landscape company (or doing it yourself) to spruce up your yard can be a great value add.  However, do not spend a lot of money on fancy, upscale plants and outdoor decor.  Landscaping should look clean and tidy, but doesn't need to be over the top. 



Painting the inside and outside of your home can be one of the least expensive and best ways to boost your home's value.  Neutral color palates usually appeal to everyone, but using accent colors for bright pops can be great too.  




Installing new windows adds value to a home.  Windows can be expensive, so I recommend getting a quote from numerous companies so you get the most bang for your buck.  Double-paned windows can also help save on the costs of A/C and heating, which appeals to buyers.  


Garage Door  

Garage door upgrades can have a great ROI when it comes time to sell your home.  Make sure the type of garage door you choose matches the style of your home. 



Replacing a worn roof is a large job, but adds a lot of value to your home.  If you're selling, it also gives you peace of mind that the buyers will not be calling you in 6 months complaining of a leaky roof!


There you have it!  If you have the time and money, doing these fixes will add value to your home.  Just be careful that you're not biting off more than you can chew, and remember that there is no guaranteed return on your investment.  The fixes I recommended are based on those that historically have added value, but of course, each case is different.  I will do a post in the future about home upgrade that do NOT add value to your home *and may actually lower the value of your home--eek!

Have a wonderful day!


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