Realtors have a Fiduciary Duty to their clients. This means that Realtors must always protect the best interests of the client. More specifically, it means the Realtor must provide full disclosure, proper accounting, confidentiality, obedience, loyalty, due diligence, and honesty to the principal (buyer or seller).  

Realtors spend a great deal of time writing contracts and negotiating deals for their clients. They can explain every term on a contract in detail, and make sure the client understands what they are being asked to sign. Realtors also negotiate on behalf of buyers and sellers often. They understand how to write compelling listing descriptions, handle counter offers, draw up disclosures, and select which items to accept on requests for repairs. A seller should not be forced to do all of this without the help of someone who does it everyday. Realtors are well-versed in the arts of contract writing and negotiation, and utilize their expertise to protect the interests of their clients.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat common for sellers to sign a listing agreement with a Realtor, and then the Realtor goes MIA shortly afterwards.  This should absolutely not happen.  Your Realtor should be responsive to all of your questions and comments, as well as update you often on the status of the listing.  They should let you know how many showings the home is getting, whether open houses are being held, and what comments agents and potential buyers have given.  

Your Realtor should have a comprehensive marketing plan, which will help sell your home.  Gone are the days of snapping quick blurry cell phone photos of a property!  Your Realtor should be able to properly explain their marketing plan to you, and you should in turn have confidence that it will help your home stand out in the crowd.  

Bottom Line? You are paying your Realtor to sell your home, and you deserve to get top-notch service in return.


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