Make sure your pet's microchip and/or collar tag are up to date.  With so many moving pieces, you do not want your pet to escape out of the house when someone is coming in or out and run off!  You'll have more peace of mind knowing that if Fido does make a break for it, your contact number is on him.  You can get new pet tags made at most pet stores for under $10.  



If you are moving out of the neighborhood/city, go to your Vet's office and request your pet's paperwork and medical history so that you can transfer it to his new Vet.  You can find a fantastic new vet through Yelp or by a word of mouth referral.  Your current vet may even know of a great vet's office in the area you are looking to move into! 



Set up a plan for your pet during open houses and showings.  When you are home, can you take him out for a walk during each showing?  For when you are not home, I recommend asking a neighbor who is home during the day to help you with this.  You can give this trusted neighbor a house key and show them where the supplies are so that they can get your pet out of the house during showings.  Cats can be corralled into one room or closet for a short time, just be sure to warn the Realtor so she's aware.



During your move, make sure to keep your pet safe in the car or in the plane in the appropriate crates.  You can review TSA rules regarding flying with pets, as well as check with specific airlines for their regulations.  In the car, you can tether a crate to the car, or use a pet harness.   




Help your pet get acquainted to his new home.  Cats may need to start in one room and explore more of the house as they get comfortable during the first days in the new house.  Get out pet beds, toys, and snacks early on so they have familiar scents, as this will comfort them.  Make sure to keep breakables away from pets as you unpack.  Bonus points for letting the cats play in moving boxes! Your pets will be moved in and comfortable in no time.



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